Hi!  I’m Lauren.  I am one member of a young and enthusiastic farming couple.  I am the tall and elegant, sometimes flashy, sometimes fancy member of our two-person team.  You could say, I am the leek.  You probably wouldn’t.  But you could.

And Kyle, Kyle is my carrot.  My straight and narrow, always sweet, always essential, often overlooked farming partner.   I am the one who yearns to be seen, beauty above ground.  He is the strong and stable one, beauty buried beneath the surface.  Alright. That’s enough.  That’s as far as I’ll take you on this metaphor.

Together, Leek and Carrot, we are the farmers of Raleigh’s Hillside Farm, a certified organic CSA and market farm outside of Evansville, Wisconsin.

This blog, however, is more about leeks and less about carrots because as the more flashy of the two of us, I am the one with an internet presence and I am the one who loves words.  Through these pages and posts I share our farming story: the good, the bad, the love, the tears, the moments in the field, the moments far away. Along with my stories, you’ll also find seasonal recipes mostly made with produce from our farm. I hope you enjoy getting to know our little piece of paradise.

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Recent Interviews & Press

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Project Creativity // Innovation (and love!) on the vegetable farm
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel // Young farmers are freshening the face of Wisconsin agriculture

Other Published Works

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Mariah Haberman // Bloom Where You’re Planted
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Edible Madison // Winter Travel & The Evolution of a Family Farm
Edible Madison // A Year on the Farm
Edible Madison // Fall Gratitude
Edible Madison // How I Became a Soil Sister
Edible Madison // Spring and New Beginnings 
Edible Madison // The Place Where We Belong
Edible Madison // February to a Vegetable Farmer

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  1. I was digging the metaphor Lauren 🙂 too cute. Love the new look (maybe not so new? but I haven’t visited in a while) of the blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leek says:

      Thanks Georgina! I love it when a good metaphor finds it’s way into my writing! The blog hasn’t changed BUT I have some new lighting equipment that is certainly making a big difference!


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