Be Holistic: Spring Tonics

Spring has arrived, the soil is warming back up resulting in all forms of life to be active once again. Like the rest of nature, we are ready for growth, healing, and expansion. We have physically and mentally been in our own versions of hibernation and it is time to break free and break out….

Imperfect Action + RECIPE: Roasted Beet Salad

Last Saturday there was a snowstorm in Wisconsin– a short-lived but altogether unexpected spring “blizzard” where temperatures dropped as low as 26 degrees and four inches of very heavy snow fell on our farm. As vegetable farmers in an already unpredictable weather locale (Wisconsin is well-known for forty-degree swings in the spring and fall) in…

Packing Shed + RECIPE: Spicy Chickpea & Sweet Potato Salad

The journey to having a building on our farm where we can wash, pack, sort, and store our vegetables is nearly over. Can you believe it? After a season of dreaming (2016), a season when we truly thought we would be building only to discover that the site location the whole family had settled on […]

Be Holistic: A Wellness Series with Steph Mullis

Hello dear ones and happy spring! Today I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend Stephanie Mullis of Holistic Harvest and Holistic Medicinals. Steph is an incredible beginning farmer and herbalist-in-training in Sharon, Wisconsin. She also happens to be one half of the couple who joined us on our trip to Hawaii…

Preparations for Spring + RECIPE: Beef Short Rib & Bok Choy Fried Rice

The seventh season of Raleigh’s Hillside Farm is officially underway! My Carrot and I began seeding a little over two weeks ago with an epic afternoon spent dropping thousands of tiny onion, leek and scallion seeds into soil. And somehow, a short sixteen days later, greenhouse number one is nearly full. Brassica, lettuce, fennel, parsley,…