Go Mode + RECIPE: Spring Harvest Grain Salad

I always do this.  I always think that May is our busiest month and I burn my candle at both ends all month long and then when June hits, I’m (not) surprisingly very tired. I tell myself it’s June and I can let off the gas a bit so I make time to rest and…

Burgers & Brews + RECIPE: Ginger Pork Burgers

Was it just a holiday? Did I hear something about a long weekend happening? I can’t be quite sure because I was doing my best to avoid Instagram altogether while sweating out 150+ ounces of water daily from the 90+ degree fields.   For us, it wasn’t so much a relaxing weekend as it was…

May + RECIPE: Ramp Green Goddess Dressing

Can we talk about where May went? Because the hell if I know. All of a sudden I looked up from the fields and not only was one of my favorite months coming to a close, but our CSA is almost ready to begin, our list of crops to transplant is tremendous, and the temperatures…

Spring Has Arrived + RECIPE: One Pot Green Curry

Well it’s here. Spring has finally officially arrived in full force and I’ve dove straight into my spring routine. I’m averaging six podcasts a day (thanks Conde Nast Traveler and Girlboss Radio for the constant stream of amazing information), showering only once or twice a week, and ending most days with a glass of wine….

Paradox + RECIPE: Hummus (or Pasta) with Lamb Ragu

Sometimes I wonder if you all understand how the pieces fit together. How I, a farmer, a young business owner,  and a woman obviously in love with home, dedicated to spending my life making this little part of the world better is always on the move. Always adventuring to new places, snapping photos, and falling…

Farm Updates + RECIPE: Beet Citrus Salad

Hello friends! I am so happy to be back with you all after nearly two weeks of exploring the (very wet and very muddy) beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It was fabulous. I hope you followed along on IG so you too can see the all the magic and wonder that exists in this world….

Mexico City + RECIPE: Super Simple Street Tacos

Two months ago I took the most beautiful, freeing, serendipitous, dreamy adventure I had been on in nearly a decade. On a whim (or rather on a flight deals website), my old college travel bestie Michele and I  booked a vacation together after my farming season was mostly wrapped up. The entire trip budget: $700….