Retreating to the Northwoods + RECIPE: Cabbage, Leek & Pepper Runza

After seven nights away and a full two weeks off of work, I can say with absolute certainty that everyone everywhere deserves a retreat from their daily lives every once in a while. Not just a vacation or an adventure, but a real retreat that encourages quiet and calm and reflection and possibly even productivity….

The Great River Road + RECIPE: Leek & Pepper Pretzel Dip

I love discovering new parts of Wisconsin. I think our little part of the world is so endlessly beautiful. So lush and magical, with winding roads that swing through hills and valleys. So picturesque and varied, with historic towns, tribal lands, and shimmering lakes around every corner. So agrarian and rustic, with sprawling farm land, humble…

Optimism + RECIPE: Sweet Corn Polenta with Grilled Vegetables

Alright folks, after a severe dog illness, financial farm woes, a still unfinished pack shed, and over a foot of rain here in Southern Wisconsin in the span of a few days, I am mostly back to normal. Life is hard and beautiful. The farm teaches me strength and resiliency. This profession we chose is…

Farm Party + RECIPE: Summer Squash Tuna Melt Casserole

There are a lot of things I love about summer. I love the simplicity of grilled meals. I love the bounty. I love the way our little state comes alive with excitement and joy, suddenly remembering all the reasons they love being alive. I love watching my hard work manifest in front of me and the…

Carrot Metabolism + RECIPE: Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Chili

My Carrot husband is back to work at his greenhouse gig for the spring season.  Back to working super duper hard and burning millions of calories every day.  Only two weeks back and he’s already starving.  All the time.  Like starving so bad his stomach feels like a big hollow cavern two hours after he eats….