Crock Pot Sweet Potato & Butternut Chili

Hello and happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! By now your tables have probably all been set, your turkeys carved, and your pies devoured. Family has come and gone, and hopefully you all had a stellar holiday filled with all the good stuff: good food, good wine, people you love, football, cozy sweaters, and so much gratitude….

Packing Shed + RECIPE: Spicy Chickpea & Sweet Potato Salad

The journey to having a building on our farm where we can wash, pack, sort, and store our vegetables is nearly over. Can you believe it? After a season of dreaming (2016), a season when we truly thought we would be building only to discover that the site location the whole family had settled on […]

Spring Has Arrived + RECIPE: One Pot Green Curry

Well it’s here. Spring has finally officially arrived in full force and I’ve dove straight into my spring routine. I’m averaging six podcasts a day (thanks Conde Nast Traveler and Girlboss Radio for the constant stream of amazing information), showering only once or twice a week, and ending most days with a glass of wine….

RECIPE: Savory Porridge Breakfast Bowl

Now after all that talk about batch cooking and non-fussy recipes (which I genuinely meant and is absolutely my philosophy 95% of the time), here I am coming at you with a totally fussy recipe. Apologies for the lack of consistency. I just like this meal way too much not to share it. I blame…

The Last Last Box + RECIPE: Pork Carnitas with Roasted Vegetables

I know I told you we said goodbye to our CSA members two weeks ago. But then we had this “problem.” After the CSA ended on October 18th, our basement storage was still packed full of onions and potatoes (I’m talking hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds of fully cured storage beauties) and our…

Winter Changes + RECIPE: Sweet Potato & Lime Rice Bowl

The last time we talked (I mean really talked, you know about something other than vacations and avocados and Christmas) seems like so long ago. My Carrot was in the midst of building a greenhouse (our first greenhouse!). I was dreaming of zoning and building codes at night and drawing up dozens of house plans…

RECIPE: Za’atar Roasted Sweet Potatoes “Chips”

One of my absolutely favorite things in the whole world (aside from talking to you and spending time with my husband) is discovering new exotic ingredients to get obsessed with.  Tahini.  Gochujang.  Coconut Milk.  White Miso Paste.  Sriracha.  A couple weeks ago it was Vadouvan (which I didn’t even have, I just kind of adlibbed…