Farm Crush Friday + Too Much Chocolate Cake


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Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. And it’s my first married one. So I obviously had to spend my Friday baking too many chocolate chocolate cakes and doing romantic things and being all lovey dovey and sneakily leaving silly, gushy post-it notes all over the house while my Carrot was napping.

Even though I’m super busy being a sap on this particular Friday, I still want to share one amazing farm crush opportunity because it’s happening super soon and you should all go if you live anywhere near me!

This farm crush Friday actually involves two farm crushes.  A remarkable team of two lady cheese makers (one’s the actual cheese maker, the other is the brilliant marketer). And a beautiful, hopefully-one-day-world-famous farm-to-table eatery/grocery/etc. Don’t worry I’ll schedule a Q&A with both one day soon so you can learn more. But for now, check this out!

Landmark Creamery. Cow & Quince. I’m so grateful to have you both in my backyard.

Lots of love on this oh so love filled weekend.


P.S. Here the chocolate chocolate cake recipe, though I made many adaptations (like plain old sweetened whipped cream between the layers–yum!–and no fancy chocolate bark). Oh, and if you are making this recipe for just you and your sweetie, I advise a half or quarter batch. So much cake!!!!!

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