Goodbye Christmas, Hello Work Week.

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Goodbye Christmas tree.  Goodbye cozy daytime wood-stove and the books I read curled up in front of you.  Goodbye spontaneous trips to Madison with lingering afternoon Scrabble games over mulled wine.  At least goodbye for now.  Because now it is time to shake off all that holiday joy and head back to work.  Okay, maybe I’ll hang on to a little holiday joy!

And here’s what I’ll be dreaming about all Monday long:

1. Our future trip to Puerto Rico, which isn’t actually planned or even necessarily happening in the foreseeable future, but I recently discovered how beautiful (and affordable) it is and I cannot stop thinking about it!!!!  Cliffs and beaches and good food and history and warmth.  Yes, please!

2. This cake!  Because I’ll most definitely be making it as soon as I get home.  And maybe even these to stay on the grapefruit theme.

3. Swiss Miss hot chocolate.

4. Which snowshoes I’m going to buy with my Christmas money (!!) because we finally have snow and Mr. Carrot got a shiny new pair for Christmas. And doesn’t a snowshoe date sound like the very most romantic kind of date?

5. Anne of Green Gables.  Because I had to leave her at home because I shouldn’t be reading childhood classics at work.

6. What I’m going to cook up for Mr. Carrot’s brother tonight because he’s coming to visit!! He loves really spicy food, especially of the Asian or Cajun variety.  And he can’t have dairy.  And it has to be spectacular because he knows good food.  And I love to blow his socks off.  Any ideas?

Happy 2015!  Happy work week!  Happy Monday!!!!!


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