Big Girl Job.


Big girl job.  Part deux.  Because I know you’re all waiting with bated breath!!

I said no.

I know.  Anti-climatic.

But regardless, I said no to the job.  I said no to the regular 9-5 work hours and the shiny new coworkers and the office located on my favorite street in Madison.  An office that is close to both the hippies and the lake.  Which is the very best place to be in Madison.  It really is.  Unless you’re there for a job you don’t really want, supporting things you don’t really care about.  Then it’s not the very best place to be.

And I care about a lot of things.  I mean a lot.  Food and farming and the environment and people and animals and cities and travel and urban development and history and architecture and writing and so many things that to take a job at a place that is totally amazing but that I’m not really passionate about feels wrong.  Which is probably stubborn and stupid and childish.  And yet, I feel none of those things.  I feel proud of my decision to stay in the perfect place I’m currently residing.  Because I really love it here.  And I’m just not ready to give it up.

Oh, and since I didn’t take the job that pays much better than my current one, can someone Western Union me five thousand dollars real quick so I can fly to France immediately and take one of Mimi Thorisson’s 2 or 3 or 4 day workshops at her beautiful stone farmhouse in Medoc, France!!!

Have you heard of this girl?  She is literally living in a dream.  With 14 dogs, a bunch of children and her beautiful Icelandic husband.  And the most incredible looking French food served on the most elegant dishware I have ever seen.  I want to step into her paradise for just a few days.  To see what it’s really like to have a vineyard and a beautiful family in the French countryside.

So yeah, 5 grand.  Whenever.  I’ll be waiting 😉


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