Mom’s Day.

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I love my mom.

So much.

Don’t get me wrong.  She totally drives me nuts 92% of the time. But she is also totally awesome.  She is the most inspiring, loving, caring, crazy, generous and smart lady out there. Seriously.  She loves to learn like no one I have ever met (except maybe her mother).  She has this remarkable energy for life that is completely infectious.  She lives to make everything around her better.  She’s (sometimes obnoxiously) obsessed with her family. She has overcome some major life hurdles with a strength I can only dream of matching.  She is amazing in all the ways that only moms can be.

She doesn’t believe in most of my “hippy crap” (my words) which is totally ironic because she taught me most of it.  She not only used reusable diapers on little newborn me, she also made them.  Like sewed my friggen’ diapers herself!!  In college she made her own clothing!  Seriously, she is too cool. She has gardened and canned salsa (and zucchini pickles!) since before I can remember.  She has always cooked seasonally–since way before it was cool.  She ingrained recycling into my soul from birth.

This lady is incredible!!!  It never ceases to amaze me.  Well sometimes it does.  When we’re fighting about pointless things, then it does not amaze me.  Then it annoys me.  But most of the time, it never ceases to amaze me.

Anyways, I’m telling you all about her because one week ago today was her birthday.  And today we celebrated!  We spent a day in Madison with Bad Breath Burgers and warm tropical temperatures.  We bought new clothes and too much junk for our kitchens from a restaurant supply store.  We ran errands at Target and enjoyed treats from my favorite bakery.  It was the perfect mother-daughter day. And I’m so lucky to have her!

Love you mom!

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