Blah Week + RECIPE: the silliest hot cocoa of all the hot cocoas

sushi fixingslet's do this the very uglist fortune cookies whats my fortune

In the Leek world, this week has been very blah.  Very, extremely, (insert additional intensifiers here) blah.  Nothing bad has happened.  In fact only good things have happened.  I’m doing things that I love surrounded by people I love but I’m still kind of sad and kind of stressed for no real reason at all.

I even watched the Golden Globes and fawned over all the beautiful people.  And the Packers won their first playoff game!  And I dragged my two best girlfriends into a whirlwind adventure of sushi and fortune cookie making while drinking the most delicious boozy peppermint hot chocolates (silly recipe below)!  What’s wrong with me?!  It should be a very good week!  And yet, it’s not.

Life is a very delicate balance. A delicate balance of doing the things you’re supposed to do (even though I try not to be overly influenced by those two little words– supposed to) and doing the things you need to do for yourself to feel fulfilled and happy.  Somehow, simultaneously keeping enough room in your schedule to connect with friends, connect with family, connect with your partner and connect with yourself.  It’s a tricky business. An extremely delicate balancing act.  Finding work that brings you fulfillment and excitement and constant self growth without it taking over your entire existence.  Finding time for everything you love.  Not losing yourself in the process of growing up.  Being an adult is hard man. (And Mr. Carrot and I haven’t even added babies to the equation yet!  Phew!)

But then, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe lots of late 20-somethings (because that’s what I am now…….. sigh…) totally have their shit together and find balance to be a thing of beauty.  But no, not me.  Balance of work, play, friends, family, the love of my life, myself and the funds to support it all is still a general thing of wonderment to me.  But hey, I’ll get there.

And while I struggle, at least there is the very best of girlfriends and boozy peppermint hot cocoa.

Happy hump day!!

Invented for grumpy Tuesdays by my lovely and silly friend Dena

Makes 1 delicious cup, but can be easily multiplied, just boil more water!
Takes 5 minutes

1 cup water
1 generous shot of Dr. McGillicudy’s Mentholmint
1 heaping spoonful Rich Chocolate Ovaltine (because we like our boozy beverages healthy, feel free to just use more Swiss Miss)
2 heaping spoonfuls Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix (with or without mini marshmallows)

Heat water on the stove or in the microwave until almost boiling.
While water heats, pour Dr. McGillicudy’s into a large (hopefully happy) coffee mug.  Dump chocolate powders into mug.  Fill mug rest of the way with almost boiling water.  Stir until combined and smooth.  Let it cool to the temperature of your liking and enjoy!  And then make a bunch more and continue enjoying until regular happiness levels resume.

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