Super Bowl Non-Celebration

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As die-hard Packer fans, this little Wisconsin couple had high hopes and big dreams about the Super Bowl.  I had kind of mentally blocked off the whole weekend in anticipation of a potential mass celebration of Packers greatness.  So much beer and food and a chance to throw a huge party!!!  Yay!

Then two weeks ago happened.  I don’t want to talk about it.  But let’s just say Mr. Carrot and I are both still pouting and bitter.  Seriously, does anyone like the Seahawks?!  Or the Patriots?!  And then deflategate.  Seriously, worst Super Bowl ever.

That being said, even though I didn’t actually care at all to watch the Super Bowl, I still wanted to go cooking crazy because Super Bowl food is the most fun kind of food.  Buffalo that and meatball this and so many rich, unhealthy, but totally acceptable things because its practically an American holiday.  And didn’t you read that post about Carrot metabolism?!  We need to celebrate with heavy foods every chance we have.

So we stayed in, because it was a real live blizzard out there (finally!!!), and kind of ignored the game while munching on buffalo caramel corn, meatball subs, squash & apple lentil salad (yes I know this does not fit the theme but yum!), cocktail wienies (thanks Carrot mama!) in BBQ sauce, and homemade pretzels with many mustards.  We mocked the announcers and I added my two-cents, constantly.  We gaped open-mouthed at the dancing sharks during the halftime show.  We drank beers and got really full.  It was the best way to celebrate a very unimportant Super Bowl.

Happy Monday!!


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