Lately I’ve Been…


image image image

…eating out way too much because I want to see my friends and it’s bitterly cold outside and we can’t think of anything else to do but eat and drink and talk. Have I mentioned that I’m sick of winter?

…an absolute truant with my library books, only beginning to read them the day after they’re due. Food Truck Road Trip I’m talking to you!! I don’t know why I waited a month to open your pages. I’m not nearly ready to give you up.

…oogling over beautiful farm land, feeling conflicted because I can’t wait for our forever home but am also terrified because I have no idea how we’ll ever afford the farm of our dreams.

…dealing with massive winter mood swings and coping with the last of our wedding wine.

…watching way too much Serena and Blair. Don’t ask me how this started. I’m so ashamed.

…not letting the beautiful puppy sisters out of my sight to ensure they don’t show symptoms of chocolate poisoning. They shared a bag of almond Hershey’s kisses. A whole bag. Bad dogs.

…learning a lot about environmental law and politics and real grown up office things like how to do payroll and manage retirement and decide on short term disability insurance, and absolutely loving every second.

…only loving  winter when it’s snowing but then really loving it a lot and taking long lingering snowy walks.


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