6 months married!!!

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Do you all know what today is?! April 4th, 2015. A very big day indeed. Also known as Mr. & Mrs. Carrot’s first ever anniversary! Okay, it’s only a six month anniversary. But you guys, it’s the first one! So it still feels big!

You see, my darling Carrot and I have been together over five years without one anniversary celebration. My hubby and I got off to an… inconsistent start with dating. It’s a long story. I was young. I had a lot of growing up to do. I had commitment issues. We won’t get into the details because it’s embarrassing and doesn’t make me look very good, but regardless, because of my dating issues we were left with no real anniversary date and thus no anniversary celebrations! Isn’t that so sad!? How could I spoil my adorable Carrot man with cakes if I didn’t know what day to do it on.

Yes, you are right. I did just made cakes all the time in lieu of any anniversary excuse, but I’m telling you, it would have felt a whole lot less silly to make a cake for a specific celebration-related reason! Plus, celebration calories don’t count.

I prepared a lovely half of a cake for our lovely first half-year anniversary. I made Molly Yeh’s vanilla cake for two with confetti sprinkles and my own tahini frosting. Yum, yum, yum, yum! And celebrate we will!

feeling the love happiness in color kiss kiss my clan

I didn’t know you all when my Carrot and I tied the knot so it’s only fair to use this happiest of 6 month anniversaries to share our big day with you! You can finally see my darling Mr. Carrot, which he typically does not approve of, but when it’s in wedding pictures, all bets are off as far as photos on the interwebs are concerned. Sorry hun. Wedding photos just beg to be shared!!

Also, honey, if you are reading this, happy six months!! You are my strength, my rock, my savior, my super hero, my absolute better half. We are the perfect compliment to one another and I feel lucky everyday to have you by my side. Okay, I feel lucky most days… Thanks for waiting all those years while I refused to grow up and wasn’t always a very good partner. Back when I didn’t even understand what that really meant. You’ve taught me so much and I can’t wait for 100 more half years with you!!!!!

Now let’s eat some cake and play outside and do what we do best!

All the love from this giddy little girl,


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