Let’s Build a Greenhouse

In addition to being a farmer and a food blogger, I’m also the office manager of a small (but totally kickass and remarkable) non-profit. Yes, I wear many hats. Sometimes too many.

These past two weeks I have been completely inundated with work at my off-farm job. We’ve got board meetings and press conferences and happy hour parties. We’re juggling 1 billion things and I’m managing a lot of the schedules. It’s totally crazy. Not to say that I mind. I’ve never felt so alive! I’m doing things that I love for people I respect to help protect the state I love so greatly! But that doesn’t mean, I haven’t also completely neglected the farm for two weeks. Honestly, I help harvest for CSA and then I totally fall off the radar.

Every night I get home from the office and I collapse on the couch. I try to tell my Carrot about my day, but I can barely muster the strength. And then he shows me pictures like this:


Or this:


Or this:


And I cannot believe this partnership we’re building. While I disappear into my work, my husband is putting 4 acres of ground to sleep for the winter and building a greenhouse all on his own. And it’s our first greenhouse (not that’d you be able to tell)! It’s going up so fast and it already looks so legit. I don’t know how he learns how to do things he’s never done before (and so quickly!).

Babe, I want you to know that I think you are totally remarkable. In the spring I didn’t trust you. I was down-right mean. When I left for work three days a week for the first time while farming, I thought the farm would literally fall apart without me there to micromanage your every move. And then when I had to neglect the farm completely, you didn’t let me down at all. I disappeared and left you alone with so many decisions and so much farming to manage and you diligently laid the foundation of our dreams. No complaints. No resentment. No bitterness.

I get it now. Sometimes our farm will be all on me and sometimes it will be all on you. Partnership is like that. Marriage is like that. Thanks for teaching me about give and take. And balance. And trust. And thanks for building a beautiful greenhouse. Microgreens here we come!


P.S. Whisk member bloggers, we’re wondering if some of you may be interested in a microgreen CSA this winter. I know we’re looking for a little fresh green flavor this winter plus a touch of interesting to add to beautiful finished dishes?

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