The Rudersdorfs Do Dinner

So…. this happened:


And I loved absolutely every mushroom gravy slathered second of it!

Last night (and tonight), we dined on this schnitzel subbing in deboned pork chops (boned? deboned?  I don’t know.  Kyle removed the bones from the pork chops, that’s what I’m trying to tell you) that we then tenderized to death with a ravioli press.  The gravy was made with no bacon and extra extra baby bella mushrooms because I’m completely obsessed and bought 2 whole pounds at one time accidentally when I found out buying baby bellas in bulk was possible.

remove the bones and fat from the schnitzel pound the schnitzel

We kind of sort of loosely followed this spaetzel recipe.  We couldn’t figure out how to press the dough through a colander (not as easy as it sounds) so opted for this pizza cutter cutting technique instead.  Not traditional but so delicious!

image image image

Yup, fried schnitzel and spaetzel tossed with garlic butter and thick mushroom gravy for dinner.  Quite possibly the heaviest meal of all time.  Whatever.  It’s winter.  And we’re celebrating our German heritage.  Don’t judge ❤


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