No Time Like The Present


I have been wanting to make this recipe for far too long.

Since I first checked out Plenty More from the library and became entranced by its stunning and beautiful photographs. Since way after the book was due. Since long before our last butternut squash rotted away in its basket, unused as I waited for the perfect occasion to arise. Three months later, I am again reminded that sometimes there is no perfect occasion. You just have to celebrate and the food will shape a once average day into an occasion.

No time like the present.

I haven’t made polenta before and I’ve certainly never tempura battered a lemon. I haven’t made buckwheat groats since way way back when I was attempting my very first cooking blog and I thought that cooking only Polish food for 3 months was a good idea. And I’ve certainly never smashed buckwheat groats in a mortar and pestle to add texture (which, may I say, is an absolutely brilliant idea!).

We’ll be having this with a side of low-and-slow roasted spare ribs. And the signature blueberry cornmeal cake from Huckleberry Bakery for dessert courtesy of Zoe herself (the recipe, not the actual cake). Because sometimes making it to Wednesday is reason enough to celebrate.

Lots and lots of love from this sunny, muddy March day,

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